Weight Management

Winchester Hospital offers weight management and weight loss programs that have proven success in helping our patients lose weight and keep it off. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose or more than 100, Winchester Hospital can help you realize your goals.

Programs with Proven
Weight Management Success

Regardless of how much weight you want to lose, Winchester Hospital can help you realize your goals and help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our weight management programs include:

  • Winchester Hospital’s Nutrition Services offers appointments with dietitians who work with you to design a personalized nutrition program. Learn more about our Nutrition Services

  • Winchester Hospital’s physician-led Medical Weight Loss Program for adult and pediatric patients who have struggled to lose weight on their own. Our personalized program includes medical evaluation and treatment of obesity-related conditions, nutrition counseling, medications, behavioral support and more. Learn more about our Medical Weight Loss Program

  • Winchester Hospital’s award-winning HMR® Weight Management Program, which features a comprehensive approach including nutrition education, lifestyle modification and the structure of meal replacements, to help achieve weight loss. Learn more about our HMR® Program.

  • Winchester Hospital’s Surgical Weight Loss Program, which offers personalized plans based on your individual needs. Bariatric procedures include gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch, robotic weight loss surgery or revisional surgery. Learn more about our Surgical Weight Loss Program.

  • Winchester Hospital’s Hypnotherapy services can help with weight loss and many other needs. Hypnotherapy uses words and images to bring you to a stage of deep relaxation when you are unusually responsive to an idea or image. Click here to learn more about our Hypnotherapy services at Winchester Hospital, or call 781-756-4700.

Read a story from a patient who lost 136 pounds following laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery at Winchester Hospital.

Find out about a great tool to help you learn how many calories you really need each day.

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